Special Offers

We sometimes have spaces on practical and theory courses and list them on this page.

Please contact us if you would like to be added to a mailing list to receive offers as they arise.

Day Skipper Practical avoiding 5 days in the classroom! Only 2 days of classroom theory followed by 6 day Day Skipper Practical only £1,275 – Available all year

This will give you enough theory to enable you to take the Day Skipper practical course but you will NOT receive a Day Skipper theory certificate. The two days theory do not have to be consecutive and can be arranged to suit you and your holiday plans.

Exclusive Use – Two Week Day Skipper Theory & Practical on board the yacht! £6,800 – Available throughout the year

This is a fantastic option for up to three people to take their Day Skipper Theory and Practical courses. Spend 2 weeks on board the yacht alternating between theory and practical. We can do a morning or day doing some theory then go out to put it into practice. There is no need for accommodation as this is all on board the yacht. You will cover the practical aspect of the course over a full seven days (normally five) with the theory taking up five days, broken up over the two weeks. Please contact us for further details.

Combined 2 week Day Skipper Theory and Practical only £1,610 – Available all year

Spend 2 weeks with us doing the Day Skipper Shorebased course over 5 days followed immediately by the Day Skipper practical course over 6 days. The theory course will start on the Monday and the practical on the following Sunday.

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