Please see below some testimonials from clients who have sailed with us in the past:

Neve – Competent Crew – May 2024

Keep it simple!

Phil – Day Skipper – May 2024

Pur in the effort, you will get the reward.

Lyndsay – Family Exclusive – May 2024

If you’re looking for a course that will be tailored for your personal experience/needs – Book with Sail the Canaries!

Gregorio – Competent Crew & Day Skipper Practical – May 2024

An unforgettable experience.

Julia – Competent Crew – May 2024

A thoroughly enjoyable training experience, which was delivered professionally and clearly by our Instructor. We would highly recommend Sail the Canaries to others wishing to learn or develop their sailing skills.

Tim – Competent Crew – May 2024

Inspiring sailing confidence with Sail the Canaries

Skills – Simon – May 2024

Met all my expectations and then exceeded them.

Two Day Theory & Day Skipper Practical – Laura – May 2024

Couldn’t recommend more – especially Emma! I would definitely recommend the theory too!

Harri – Day Skipper – May 2024

Had a great eek with Ben – really good, calm Instructor.

Liz – Day Skipper – May 2024

Great instructions and lots of fun doing my Day Skipper. Excited and confident for future sailing trips.

John W – Day Skipper Plus – May 2024

Thorough, professional and challenging! Superb!

Simon- Day Skipper – May 2024

Excellent course with great Instructors in a fantastic part of the World to sail.

Sue – Day Skipper – May 2024

Fantastic teaching, fantastic course, fantastic venue…….what more do you want? Thank you! Oh and dolphins to boot!

Deborah W – Competent Crew – April 2024

Exhilarating and personable.

Graham – Day Skipper – April 2024

Experience of a lifetime!

Deborah – Competent Crew – April 2024

Fabulous experience. High quality instruction on a well maintained boat in beautiful waters. What’s not to like?

Shane – Coastal Skipper – April 2024

It was a fantastic experience and I would recommend to anyone interested in doing it. Don’t procrastinate – book your course now with Sail The Canaries!

Sean – Coastal skipper – April 2024

Excellent instruction all week, great sailing conditions, comfortable cabin, great communication from Alex.

Chris – Day Skipper Plus – Exclusive Use with Family – April 2024

Really great instruction for the whole family (from age 6+) everyone had lots of fun and want to get back on a boat ASAP!

Zed – Day Skipper – April 2024

Had a great educational week with our Instructor Tom. Alex was very helpful in the booking process. Would recommend.

Jorn – Competent Crew – April 2024

From the first emails to the training sessions, communcations were perfect. I can’t wait to return to do the Day Skipper course!

Rob – Competent Crew – April 2024

A fantastic introduction to sailing and highly recommended even with zero previous experience.

Gemma – Competent Crew – April 2024

This course far exceeded my expectations. The amount of sailing, the skills learned and the boat were fabulous. Everyone I have encountered from Sail the Canaries has been friendly, professional and fun. I can’t wait to come back!

Claire – Day Skipper – April 2024

This is the best sailing course I have done. I was doing my Day Skipper course and had Mark as the Instructor. He was exceptional. alex & Clive are lovely and really helpful getting the travel arranements. For anyone considering doing a sail training course, do this course, IT IS 10/10. Thank you guys for an amazing experience. I’ll be back!

Antony – Competent Crew – April 2024

Overall a great experience. It was like a sea safari!

Laura – Competent Crew – Exclusive – April 2024

After spending years wonderfing waht sailing was like, we’re so glad to have had this excellent experience. The days flew and were very rewarding with loads of knowledge gained.

Sebastian- Day Skipper – March 2024

Natalie was a great Instructor, even when we made mistakes, she was always patient and understanding, and never tired of answering all of our questions with a smile!

Debi – Competent Crew – March 2024

Very professional instruction. Attention to safety is excellent. I would recommend STC to anyone. Natalie was an excellent patient Instructor. Her positive encouragement and constructive cristicism were helpful and never undermined my confidence.

Steven – Competent Crew – March 2024

This course was above my expectations. Great entrance in to sailing.

Helen – Day Skipper – March 2024

Exceeded all my expectations. Exceptionally high standard of instruction, all syllabus completed.

Simon- Day Skipper – March 2024

Extremely well organised and fantastic instruction.

Lesley – Skills – March 2024

Absolutely brilliantly run Sailing School. Brilliantly well-maintained and provisioned boat. Superb Instructor, with just the right pitch for our skills refresher course. Super sailing in varied conditions and multiple boat handiling opportunities and 3 species of dolphins!!

Mark – Day Skipper – March 2024

One year on after completing Competent Crew, I came back. Same boat, same excellent Instructor for Day Skipper, will come back again soon! Says it all!

Clare – Competent Crew Plus – March 2024

Fantastic experience – best holiday and learned loads – will be back soon.

Callum – Competent Crew – March 2024

Mark was a really patient and fun Instructor and I really enjoyed the whole week.

Fergus – Day Skipper Plus – March 2024

Awesome experience.

Cameron – Day Skipper – February 2024

From initial contact to transfer back to the airport, communication was easy, friendly and effective. Coures instruction was challenging but acheivable, with an Instructor who kept everyone engaged and motivated throughout.

Andrew – Coastal Skipper – February 2024

They make you work to reach a high standard – exactly what I wanted. I’m much more confident and competent in just 6 days! Coastal Skipper!!! Yipeee!

Marc – Competent Crew – February 2024

One of the best experiences of my life! Would reommend Sail the Canaries to anyone of any ability, if youre serious about improving your sailing.

Eddie – Day Skipper – February 2024

Emmas was excellent. Challenging conditions that made the course even better.

Jane – Day Skipper – February 2024

Have had a very good time, The boat was great, Emma was excellent, very friendly, very professional and very good at finding ways to help me understand anything I was struggling with.

Alan – Skills – February 2024

Entertaining and Excellent tuition.

Rick – Competent Crew – February 2024

Exhilerating, informing and enjoyable.

Corinne – Competent Crew – February 2024

Brilliant experience and Natalie was a fabulous Instructor!! Superb week with a lot of learnings and practising in a nice and easy way, would come again.

Jonathan S – Day Skipper – February 2024

The instructor Natalie went above and beyond to explain clearly all parts of the course and is clearly an excellent teacher.

John E – Day Skipper – February 2024

Highly recommended, beyond my expectations.

Geoff – Day Skipper – January 2024

A warm welcome, perfect sailing conditionas and quality Instructors. Top quality and great value. Don’t hesitate – book and get it done!

Sorcha – Competent Crew – January 2024

An opportunity to leave the ups and downs of the daily grind behind and take the ebbs and flows of sea life instead. 1 week will recharge your body and mind!

Hannah – Day Skipper – January 2024

A very qell set up sailing school in a beatufiul location. Overall a great experience, I’ve loved every minute.

David P – Competent Crew – Janaury 2024

A great experience sufficiently challenging for a newby like me, but with patient and encouraging support and feed back.

Christine – Day Skipper – January 2024

highly recommend Sail the Canaries for an excellent sailing experience – whether it be for Competent Crew or beyond, the knowledge of the Instructors was bottomless!

Andrew – Coastal Skipper – January 2024

Exceeded expectation.

Steph – Day Skipper – January 2024

Graet customer service from the Sail the Canaries Admin team and excellent tuition from Tom White – Thank you! I am one happy Day Skipper!

Alex – Day Skipper Theory & Practical – January 2024

A very, very enjoyable fortnight.

Wendy – Coastal Skipper – January 2024

Excellent instruction, very well maintained boats, glorious location!

Nathan – Day Skipper – December 2023

Fantastic Sailing School. Wouldn’t hesitate to recommend to anybody at any level.

Daren- Day Skipper Plus – December 2023

Want to sail – look no further!

Anna – Competent Crew – December 2023

Brilliant school, great teaching and good value.

Michelle – Day Skipper – December 2023

I love sailing! Thank you for making my 40th Birthday the most fun and memorable experience.

Pablo – Day Skipper – December 2023

Clive is an amazing teacher who knows how to share his knowledge in a timely manner to make sure you get the most of your course.

Jaya – Competent Crew – December 2023

Alex is super on it, friendly and responsive. Mark was wonderful. Extremely perceptive of peoples mental and physical well being and levels of ability.

Marion – Day Skipper – December 2023

An all round good experience. I feel much more confident as a result of my Day Skipper course.

David – Skills – December 2023

Great fun, really looking forward to coming back!

Cara – Competent Crew – December 2023

Am going back inspired . The sailing bug has just begun!

James – Day Skipper – Nov 2023

Course content well suited to each individual course and instructors very knowledgeable. Cost very agreeable.

Patrick – Competent Crew – November 2023

After a week under the guidance of “STC” and our wonderful Instructor Emma, I have learnt so much and had an excellent time on the water. Highly recommended!

Simon – Day Skipper – November 2023

Great coures delivered to the highest standard – best of all, absolute fun!

Chris – Day Skipper – November 2023

Excellent course and instruction in great locations. Really fun week.

Mark – Competent Crew – November 2023

Wonderful experience!

Tom – Day Skipper – November 2023

Absolutely beautiful place and conditions to truely learn how to sail, under watchful eyes of well trained Instructors.

Leon – Competent Crew – November 2023

I promise you, you’ll be back for another.

Paul – Competent Crew – November 2023


Paul – Skills – November 2023

Superb as always!

Louis & Maggie – Day Skipper – November 2023

Sail the Canaries is the Best!!

Joshn – Day Skipper – November 2023

An amazing place to learn!

Tanya – Day Skipper – November 2023

Couldn’t rate my experience wtih Sail the Canaries more highly. I have had an amazing week and learnt so much.

Steve – Skills – November 2023

Everything absolutely great! As has been the care, the last umpteen times I have sailed with Sail the Canaries, the week was excellent in all respects!

Lee – Day Skipper – October 2023

Sailing with a smile!

Craig – Competent Crew – October 2023

From the moment we first contacted Alex, all the way through to completing the course, everything was fantastic. Alex was extremely welcoming and udnerstanding (even when we missed our flight) and Lies was a brilliant Instructor. We’ll definitely be back soon to complete the next level.

Sandie – Exclusive Use – RYA Competent Crew – September 2023

Would totally recommend, 100% quality training and service.

Andy – Exclusive Use – RYA Day Skipper – September 2023

Fantastic value for money, highly enjoyable venues, can’t fault the training and staff.

Stefan – Competent Crew – September 2023

It’s better to burn out than to fade away!

Deborah – Competent Crew – September

Fantastic week, really learned a lot but had so much fun sailing the beautiful Canaries.

Emilia – Competent Crew – September 2023

Huge thanks to Sail the Canaries and the incredible Lies for an amazing week, full of excitement, camaraderie and challenge. i loved every minute.

Vicky – Competent Crew – September 2023

Put simply, I had the best week, with best friends, the best Instructor and can now sail!

Cheryl – Competent Crew – September 2023

Had a fantastic time completeing the Competent Crew course with Sail the Canaries. Lies was an amazing teacher – patient, encouraging and supportive. Could not recommend it more!

James – Coastal Skipper – September 2023

The hwole team at Sail the Canaries has been fab – from Alex making the booking and organisation a breeze, through to all the Instructors – Emma, Clive and ANtalie – my three weeks have been unforgettable. I am very proud of my Day Skipper and Coastal Skipper qualifications! Would recommend 110%!

Steve – Competent Crew – August 2023

An effective, personable and enjoyable way to know what I am doing on a boat and why.

Dave – Competent Crew – August 2023

Leaning is always easier when it’s fun – and it was great fun!

Andrewa – Competent Crew – August 2023

I came with very little knowledge and left feeling extremely confident. Thoroughly wonderful course.

Matt – Day Skipper – Family Exclusive – August 2023

We were aprehensive attending the course, but Clive and Alex took us step by step making it really easy to understand! Highly recommended. They looked after us so well from start to finish, cannot reccommend them enough.

Andrew & Amanda – RYA Competent Crew – August 2023

An exhilarating adventure in a beautiful part of the World.

Emily – Day Skipper – August 2023

An amazing experience and a great way to get out of your comfort zone.

Martin – Skills Week – August 2023

Fantastic expereince – Beyond expectations/

Simon S – Competent Crew – August 2023

Emma was fabulous, a superb Instructor and an inspirational teacher. Great fun too!

Richard – Family Holiday – August 2023

Just completed competent crew as a family of 5 with 3 kids 11, 13, 15. Wow – what a memorable experience and a special start to some sailing careers. From booking to joining etc was easy and seemless, the boat clean, comfy and well stocked. Natalie, our instuctor is an utter professional who it was a privelige to spend a week with and learn from. Nestled amongst the learning are some special moments – from the night sailing to swimming in clear waters off the back of the boat. Thanks all

Nikki – RYA Competent Crew – June 2023

A truely fantastic course. Clive is an excellent trainer.

Trevor – RYA Day Skipper – June 2023

Clive’s 20 years experience was invaluable for explaining and demontrating key principles and tips for safe and enjoyable sailing.

Laura – RYA Competent Crew – June 2023

I had lmite sailing experience other than passenger before the course, so I was nervous. Ales assured me it would be ok and the experience exceeded all expectations. I learned so much during this week and feel confident now in heading home and finding a fun crew experience! Thanks so much to Clive for his exceptional instruction. He was a remarkable teacher.

Abigail – RYA Competent Crew – June 2023

Fantastic experience, would book again.

Katie – RYA Day Skipper – June 2023

Best environment to learn and sail, big thanks to Mike.

Paul – Skills – June 2023

Ask for mike! You can’t fail.

Lauren – Competent Crew – June 2023

We had the very best time. Our Instructor Emma, was great – very clear in her instructions and good company on the boat. We would recommend the Exclusive Use hire if you enjoy your own space. We were lucky enough to also see turtles and dolphins, on top of learning to sail.

Joe – RYA Day Skipper – June 2023

Course was very well prepared and met our expecatations. As a bonus, we had a great time!

Margaret – Day Skipper – June 2023

The full/total package – booking, arrival, boat, food, Instruction – you name it – all fantastic!

Toni – Competent Crew – June 2023

Best week ever!

Samantha – Competent Crew – June 2023

Top notch sailing school.

Chloe – Day Skipper – June 2023

Great family owned business who really care of making your experience fabulous!

Pavitt Family – Coastal Skipper & Competent Crew – June 2023

Would not hesitate to recommend. The Instructor was brilliant and we learned way more than we expected wilst having tons of fun.

Solveig – Competent Crew – June 2023

A brilliant way to experience sailing with family.

Neil – Competent Crew – June 2023

Safe and secure sailing tuition in the sunshine. Much better than learning to sail in the cold waters of England.

Mani – Coastal Skipper – June 2023

Best RYA coures I’ve been on!!!

Ladina – Day Skipper – June 2023

Mark is an excellent Instructor. Very good at explaining and patient, felt really comfortable. Thank you.

Sean – Day Skipper – June 2023

Don’t hesitate…book now! Fantastic Instructor and lots of practise was given. All was excellent and exceeded expectations.

Sarah – Day Skipper – June 2023

A brilliant learning experience and a lot of fun! Thank you!

Mariusz – Skills – May 2023

Wonderful time! I have the strong feeling that I learnt a lot and improved my skills during ths week.

Ruth – Competent Crew – May 2023

Book it! It was great fun whilst learning a great skill!

Finn – Competent Crew – May 2023

Really enjoyable course with excellent support from Alex in getting the paperwork sorted and from Emma on board with superb teaching. Fantastic course – Highly recommend.

Joe – Day Skipper – May 2023

I was very happy with our experience, it exceeded my expectations. Emma was an excellent and patient teacher. We would definitely recommend this teaching school to family and friends.

Michael – Competent Crew – May 2023

Try it – you don’t know what you are missing!

Sam – Competent Crew – May 2023

Be willing to be the fool, only then can you become the master!

Simon – Day Skipper – May 2023

Saw dolphins, a turtle and starlink satalites, brilliant!

Laura – Competent Crew – May 2023

An amazing, rewarding and enjoyable week. Mentally and physically exhausting but absolutely worth it. We’ll be back for our Day Skipper’s and will definitely request to have Emma!

Catherine – Competent Crew Refresher – May 2023

Excellent sailing, with customised guidance and support – very confidence, inspiring and knowledge building. Emma was direct and clear but always friendly and fun.

Emma – Competent Crew – May 2023

Couldnot have chosen a more beautiful place and boat to take my Competent Crew! Emma was a fantastic instructor – my only complaint is how quick the week went!! Thank you Alex, Clive & Emma!

Nia & John – Day Skipper Practical – May 2023

If you have any doubts about trying Sail the Canaries, Don’t! Best all round experince from Alex’s welcome to our Instructor’s (Jane) advice and knowledge.

Bin – Day Skipper Plus – May 2023

Fantastic way to learn how to sail a cruise yacht!

Tanya – Competent Crew – May 2023

The team at Sail the Canaries are lovely, knowledgable and great teachers. I had the most fun and so glad I booked a course with them.

Jakub – Day Skipper – April 2023

I didn’t even think it could be that good. Lots of new experiences and sensations as well.

Pavel – Day Skipper – April 2023

In short, it was Amazing

Phil – Coastal Skipper – April 2023

Jane is the best instructor I’ve sailed with and the accommodation is the most civilised I’ve seen.

Anwen – Day Skipper – April 2023

Put in forward and Chill!

Lucia – Day Skipper Practical – April 2023

Great sailing in the Canaries! Windy and sunny – near perfect conditions every day. Fantastic to meet and sail with interested and interesting people.

Marion – Competent Crew – April 2023

Thoroughly enjoyable course, delivered by a professional company.

Alexandra – Competent Crew – April 2023

Start your sailing experience with Sail the Canaries and enjoy your life as a sailor!

Mark – Coastal Skipper – March 2023

Definitely come backing thinking of getting my son on his Competent Crew!

Scott – Competent Crew – March 2023

Mark is a brilliant Instructor, on the whole, experience could not be better.

Andy – Day Skipper Plus – March 2023

Thoroughly enjoyed my week with Sail the Canaries. Top class instruction, well looked after boats and great locations.

Colin – Day Skipper Plus – March 2023

Everything was great ……..as usual! Cheers!

Amanda – Competent Crew – March 2023

Great learning experience – a great holiday if you’re a single traveller.

Lianne – Competent Crew – March 2023

Great location for your introduction to sailing.

Murray – Day Skipper Plus – March 2023

Very well provisioned with personal requests catered for. Yacht thoroughly maintained.

John – Day Skipper – March 2023

Impresively professional. Emma encouraged, and helped in identifying areas to be improved.

Mo – Day Skipper Plus – March 2023

Found online
Will be back
Another time!

Duncan – Coastal Skipper – March 2023

A very well run and professional organisation, and extremely friendly. I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone.

Marc – Day Skipper – March 2023

Sailing is like therapy, it makes you a different and happy person.

Gavin – Day Skipper Practical – February 2023

All in all, a great week which was hosted and facilitated by the Sail the Canaries team extremely well. The instruction delivered by Emma was excellent, as was the organisation / hosting from Alex. They are a great team and I would certainly recommend them to friends and come back in the future. I also greatly appreciated the people I met on board the boat who were fantastic company.

Darren – Day Skipper Practical – Family Exclusive

Emma, the Instructor, was very patient and understanding. Clear in her instruction and quick to spot weaknesses that needed work.

Dorothy – Competent Crew plus – January 2023

Very professional yet greaet fun. Felt safe all the time.

Mike M – Coastal Skipper Practical – January 2023

An intense coures deliverd by a professional who was fully committed to maximising our learning.

Jack – Competent Crew – January 2023

A touch of class that!!

Tom – Day Skipper Practical – January 2023

Touch of class that!!!

Mark D – Competent Crew – January 2023

Above and beyond my expectations as a novice sailor.

Caroline – Competent Crew – January 2023

Alex is a very patient and outstanding Instructor. Having never sailed on a yacht the first day I was sick, thinking I was going to book a flight home. However, the rest of the week was just the BEST. Sail in big seas and gusty winds – The night sail was brill! I want a yacht!

Jon – Day Skipper Plus – January 2023

Learning to sail properly in good winds. A great experience, led by expert Instructors – whilst promoting a friendly Team/Crew.

Jo – Day Skipper – January 2023

A fabulous set up!

Mark – ICC – January 2023

Everything was great. A great way to have an active holiday, meet new people and learn something new.

Competent Crew – January 2023

This course really exceeded my expectations in terms of quality and experience – I felt really expertly guided with loads of practical information as well as practise. The night sail was awesome!

Andrew – Day Skipper – January 2023

All great! Keep doing what you’re doing, I’ve had a fantatstic time and learnt so much. Thanks!

Andrew – Day Skipper Refresher – January 2023

Really enjoyed the course. Great balance of teaching and fun. Great bunch of people.

Paul – Competent Crew – January 2023

An excellent course and experience with professional and yet fun training/tuition. Jane was excellent and great fun too!

Marina – Competent Crew – January 2023

I came mainly to revise my old sailing “memories”, so fix what I knew already, so practice sailing. I leant many new things, in a very professional and also fun environment. Our Instructor Jane, was simply excellent, very competent and patient, also booking and organisation were very good. I recommend STC highly!

Mick – Competent Crew – January 2023

Fantastic experience! Took from zero experience to a competent, confident, crew member in 6 days. Will definitely be back to yone my skills as I progress.

Rolando – Competent Crew – January 2023

If you are thinking about doing a course as a competent crew, don’t think twice! This course will equip you with sufficient experience to enjoy sailing to it’s fullest while challenging yourself, you will gain a life changing skills that will transfer your outlook of the sea.

Noel – Day Skipper – January 2023

Sail in the Sun having lots of fun!

Sylvie – Day Skipper Family Holiday – December 2022

Very nic, super professional, small sailing school ……Learning and Fun guaranteed!

Sophie – Competent Crew/ Day Skipper – December 2022

This was my partner and I;s first time sailing a yacht together – not only do we feel prepared for more advanced courses, we are thrilled for a lifetime of sailing adventures!

Anna – Competent Crew – December 2022

The full experience of all elements of sailing! More than we had expected which made us very happy with the whole week and its variety.

Liam – Competent Crew – December 2022

Did the course with my son, we both agree, one of the best holidays we’ve had.

Seth – Competent Crew – December 2022

Excellent Instructors

Nigel & Zoe – Day Skipper, Competent Crew – December 2022

Perfect to learn, to get the experience and the sensation. perfect conditions for focus, forget the rest and feel good.

David – Skills Week – December 2022

Clear and concise instruction always delivered with a laugh – great week!

Nathan – Competent Crew – December 2022

Awesome week learning to sail! Thank you.

Gary – Day Skipper – December 2022

Very experienced Instructor with the perfect balance of fun and seriousness, involved all the crew in everything. You more if its fun and enjoyable. This experience was very rewarding and great fun too!

Karen – Competent Crew – November 2022

Sun, Sand & Sailing! Excellent Holiday!

Bev – Competent Crew – November 2022

Super Dooper Sailing Trooper!

Jeremy – Competent Crew – November 2022

Just do it!!

Kevin – Competent Crew – November 2022

The Doggies Doofers of Sailing in the Canaries!

Paul – Coastal Skipper Plus – November 2022

A brilliant sailing holiday for the family, and we all advanced our skills.

Olivia – Day Skipper Plus – November 2022

Jane was a fantastic Instructor – I can’t believe how much we’ve all learnt in just a week!

Bogdan – Day Skipper – November 2022

Everything was perfect!

Tom – Competent Crew – November 2022

Tood a while due to COVID – then Fabulous!!

Malcolm – Competent Crew – November 2022

All round superb experience. Would highly recommend it.

Matt W – Day Skipper – November 2022

Absoloutely fantastic experience. Top rate instruction and met new friends for life.

Nicola L – Competent Crew – November 2022

Literally had the most amazing week. Learnt so much, teaching was fantastic, Alex & Clive’s passion is obvious. Love it!

Nicola P – Competent Crew – November 2022

For a total novice – the course offered everything you could need and more!

Tom W – Coastal Skipper – November 2022

Jane was knowledgable, safe and buckets of fun. Best sailing Instructor I’ve had.

Elisa – Competent Crew – November 2022

At My Command – Unleash Hell!!!! Reefing is for Pussy’s!!!

Andrew B – Competent Crew – November 2022

A fantastic experience which has ignited a love of sailing.

Sebastian – Competent Crew – October 2022

I feel like I got a months worth of sailing experience in a week.

Jordan – Day Skipper Practical – October 2022

More than just a course! An amazing week that will stay with me for a long time!

Sophie – Day Skipper Practical – October 2022

Absolutely fantastic week sailing. Learnt loads from Clive and explored the beautiful islands and beaches. Highly recommend if you want to challenge yourself and have fun at the same time!

Bart & Kata – Coastal Skipper Practical – October 2022

We were so happy about our course last year that we decided to book our Coastal Skipper with you this year too and we found it amazing again!

Wayne – Skills – October 2022

Sun, Sea and Sailing, all with a Smile.

Christophe – Competent Crew – October 2022

If adventure had a name, it would be Indiana Jane and Sail the Canaries!

Paul – Skills – October 2022

Great adventures, Great courses, Great people!

Charlotte – Competent Crew – October 2022

What an amazing adventre! Don’t hesitate – just plunge in and do it – you won’t regret it for a moment!

Jane – Competent Crew – September 2022

Fantastic course in a fantastic place, to learn a new skill, despite the worst weather the Canraies have had in years!!!

James – Skills – September 2022

Sail the Canaries – Instructor, yacht and sailing region are ideal for extenisiva sialing instruction in an interesting sailing region.

Steve – Skills – September 2022

An amazing sailing experience which is why I have sailed here 9 times in as many years! Great Instructors.

Vincent – Day Skipper – September 2022

Looking forward to next year and another week in the Spring!

Michael – Competent Crew – Day Skipper – September 2022

Thank you for the nice 3 weeks and the many learnings!

Horia – Day Skipper – September 2022

Carpe Diem!!! Live the moment!

Andy – Day Skipper – September 2022

Great sailing convivial company. Consistently great weather – some nice wind and brilliant sunshine.

Paul – Day Skipper – September 2022

Enjoyable, serious learning that retrained its fun factor!

Horia – Competent Crew – September 2022

A Journey of Self Discovery!

David Farmilo – Day Skipper – August 2022

It’s hard to know before you book what to expect – you won’t be disappointed!

John A – Coastal Skipper – August 2022

If you want to learn to sail there’s nowhere better. Great yachts, sailing conditions, instructors, foor and all in T-Shirts and shorts! PS Fridge too cold and oven too hot……I was reliably told!

Liz F – Day Skipper – August 2022

A fun, informative week. I learned an enormous amount and gained hugely in confidence. Clive is great – explained things so well and seemed to have endless patience in making sure we all understood. FAB-U-LOUS!

Laura R – Day Skipper

I cannot recommend Sail the Canaries highly enough. For no-nonsense, patient, safe and challenging instruction to improve your sailing skills in a few days of fair winds and great company, they’re the best.

Matthias – Coastal Skipper – July 2022

Clive is a great instructor, huge knowledge, fun but also thorough. A week with great learnings and fun! Amazing Sailing Experience, learn how to sail safely!

lloyd D – Competent Crew – July 2022

They deliver what they promise!

Ben C – Day Skipper Plus – July 2022

My second visit and I will definitely be back again. Great service, Great value, Great fun!

Lynette – Skills Week – June 2022

Plenty of banter and humour together with excellent tuition.

Amanda – Competent Crew – June 2022

As a nervous novice, I was immediately put at ease and knew that I could ask questions whenever I needed to. Practical experience backed up with clear explanations worked really well for me and I enjoyed every second!

David F – Day Skipper Plus – June 2022

A really fun week where I learned a lot about sailing in some stiff breezes. The instructions was excellent and full of anecdotes to make it relevant.

Mark B – Competent Crew & Day Skipper Practical – June 2022

Fabtastic company, brilliant course, great people…..I had a great time and learnt loads!

Mark B – Competent Crew – June 2022

Absolutely outstanding course, I have no hesitation in recommending Sail the Canaries to anyone wanting to learn more, in a skilled and fun environment!

Jennifer & James – Competent Crew & Day Skipper Refresher – June 2022

We had a great personalised experiene, tailored to our needs and future sailing aspirations.

The Skidmores – Family Holiday – Competent Crew – June 2022

Don’t be scared, you got this!!! It can’t sink!

Andres – Coastal Skipper – June 2022

A challengin and enjoyable experience with friendly and highly skilled professionals!

Valeria – Competent Crew – June 2022

Thank you for organising such a great experience for us! The coruse and the Instructor were super professional and great and really exceeded our best expectations. We had a very pleasant week and can only recommend the course to our friends.

James – Competent Crew – May 2022

I had a great experience with Sail the Canaries, from booking to leaving.

Brad – Day Skipper – May 2022

Meticulous in their organisation and customer experience…..and the course was awesome!

Massimo – Day Skipper – May 2022

Amazing and insightful week, well above expectations, it allowed me to reach my learning goals.

Paul – Day Skipper – May 2022

Just come and do it! You’ll be happy you did!

Elaine – Day Skipper – May 2022

A great experience, fantastic boats and a great team at Sail the Canaries! We came on a recommendation and a good one which we will pass on to others! Thanks!

Emma C – Competent Crew – May 2022

Fabulous experience and if like me you have no sailing experience then I highly recommend the course.

Rod O – Skills – May 2022

Enjoyed the first time so much I did it again.

Mark M – Competent Crew – May 2022

Brilliant course on a lovely boat in fantastic conditions.

Ben – Competent Crew – May 2022

Fantastic experience, so glad I came. Jane is fantastic, knowledgable, friendly and patient. An excellent Instructor.

Michelle – Competent Crew – May 2022

Very professional school, the learning pace was perfect. Our Instructor Jane, was able to share a lot of sailing knowledge and had an excellent grasp of what the group wanted/needed to gain experience.

Andy B – Day Skipper – April 2022

Sail the Canaries, personal & friendly approach made all the difference and our course tutor made for a perfect week.

Nina – Family Exclusive – Competent Crew & Day Skipper

A brilliant week, we learned so much and improved in more ways than we expected. I would highly reccommend to everyone with any experience.

Julie – Family Exclusive – Competent Crew / Day Skipper Practical

Fantastic company and location to learn to sail.

Phil – Family Exclusive – Skills – April 2022

Without doubt Clive was the best instructor myself or my family have ever had!

Joanna – Family Exclusive – Skills – April 2022

A wonderful location to get to grips wtiih sailing, with expert tuition and a friendly Welcome!

Ade – Day Skipper Refresh – Family Exclusive – April 2022

Lovely to see my families skills develop under such great tutalage. Thanks very much.

Claire – Day Skipper – April 2022

A great place for some proper sailing!

Ruth – Skills – April 2022

Really enjoyed the “Goosewing Twizzle”!!

Andy H – Skills Week – March 2022

Just a great experience.

Jeremy – Day Skipper – March 2022

Fantastic week. Sail the Canaries is the best. Will definitely be returning. Instructor Hilly made my week the best experience and I would not have made Day Skipper without her.

Sarah – Day Skipper – March 2022

Alex & Clive couldn’t have been more helpful and welcoming. Hilly was an excellent Instructor and the whole course was great fun and very informative.

Robin – Coastal Skipper – March 2022

Best family learning experience imaginable.

Dee – Competent Crew – March 2022

The Craic was Mighty!!!

Zacc – Competent Crew – March 2022

A hands on approach to a hands on hobby.

Finley – Competent Crew – March 2022

Mark was a great Instructor and a very good teacher. Had a blast!

Karen – Skills & Miles – March 2022

“How much wind?!?!?!?”……Despite the challenging conditions, we had some great sails thanks to our excellent Instructor Mark. Brilliant week!

Hazel F – Competent Crew – March 2022

I learned everything I caem to do – which is brilliant. Nagivation, application of night lights etc and practical boat handling.

Linda S – Competent Crew – March 2022

The whole Sail the Canaries crew feels like a tight knit family – highly recommended!

Jane – Competent Crew – March 2022

If, lik eme, you feel anxious about sailing – then don’t be put off by going on a sailing holiday like this. I felt safe, well taught and I actually, to my surprise, had a fantastic time!!

Peter G – Coastal Skipper – March 2022

How long have we been doing 3 knots!!!!

Richard – Coastal Skipper – March 2022

Absolultey brilliant. The best sailing instruction I’ve had – and it was a lot of fun!

Helen – Competent Crew – March 2022

Best sailing week I’ve had – and I don’t even like sailing!!!…….well, I didn’t! “Tippy Tippy”!

Robert PB – Day Skipper – March 2022

Sail the Canaries is the best option to learn and experience an RYA course in the Canary Islands. I had an absoltuely brilliant time and feel so much more confident. Highly recommended!

Jules – Coastal Skipper = February 2022

Loved it all!

Lucy – Competent Crew plus – February 2022

Second time and still loving it!

Kate – Competent Crew – February 2022

Mark was the calmest teacher and within a few hours I wasn’t scare of tipping over!! Will come again!

Filippo – Day Skipper Practical – February 2022

Way better than other courses

Chrisopher – Coastal Skipper Practical – February 2022


Antonio – Coastal Skipper Practical – February 2022

“It might work but is there a better way?”……Tony was great – patient and kind. Broke the difficult parts of the course into manageable chunks then added on – thanks.

Martin – Day Skipper – February 2022

Everything starts with a pee!!!

Tim – Day Skipper Practical – February 2022

Sail the Canaries are exceptional – you’ll learn (and pass – the Instructors are the best), you’ll enjoy and you’ll want to do more sailing as soon as you can.

Tim & Amanda – Day Skipper Practical – Febraury 2022

I would thoroughly recommend Sail the Canaries. An incredibly professional, well run copany that totally tailor to your needs. The Instructors are first claass and the administration excellent.

Tim & Amanda – Competent Crew – February 2022

Sail the Canaries are very professional, flexible to the needs and capabilities of sailors and holiday-makers, and the Instructors are excellent – calm, helpful, respectful, fun and very knowledgable.

Competent Crew – February 2022

Really well organised, lots of fun and great people!

Competent Crew Client – February 2022

This is a brilliantly organised and taught course in beautiful settings. The learning curve is steep, but I went from barely zero knowledge to feeling comfortable crewing the boat within the week.

Nils – Day Skipper – February 2022

All round fabulous learning and holiday experience. I gained more knowledge, hands-on experience and confidence than I thought possible in one week.

Ron – Day Skipper – January 2022

The teaching experience was 1st class, well timed, adapted to conditions and enough repetition to ensure confidence was achieved. Clive was simply an outstanding Instructor.

Michael – Skill Building – January 2022

I had the best time – left feeling well equipped to day skipper a yahct, exhilerated and so pleased with the three weeks.

Elizabeth – Day Skipper – January 2022

I have thoroughly enjoyed my two weeks on the boat – the learning was quite intencse but with enough humour and repetition to make it fun!

David K – Day Skipper – January 2022

Fabulous experience!

Elizabeth – Competent Crew – January 2022

An excellent experience if you are new to sailing. Great tuition and everything well organised.

Jeet – Day Skipper Plus – January 2022

Very friendly and highly competent organisation & teaching. Jane is a superb teacher.

Michael S – Day Skipper – January 2022

It was all exceptional – from start to finish – really built my confidence.

Ron C – Competent Crew – January 2022

Approached course with some trepidation – no previous experience. Led through the training with frequent feedback in themost horrendous weather conditions – Absolutely fabulous instructor.

Paul M – Day Skipper – January 2022

Fantastic course – Enjoyable for any level of experience. “I’ll be back!!!”

Julie W – Competent Crew – December 2021

Great course – exceeded expectations.

Julie W – Coastal Skipper – December 2021

Enjoying sailing is great! Feeling skilled and like a sailor, made the week unforgettable!

Estelle M – Day Skipper – December 2021

Sail the Canaries comes highly recommended, a great experience from start to finish. We will be back!

Jane B – Competent Crew – December 2021

Fantastic experience, would not have missed doing this for the World – Whatever your ability, don’t hesitate to go with this company!

Jet – Day Skipper – December 2021

Every little thing will be taken care of!

Scott & Louise – Exclusive Use – Day Skipper Practical – November 2021

Everything about our experience was exceptional! If you want a team that creates a unique learning experience to set you up on your sailing journey, these guys are brilliant. A huge thank you to Mark, Alex & Clive for what was an unforgettable week on board.

Richard B – Skills Week – November 2021

A fantastic learning experience and enjoyable week.

Robert M – Coastal Skipper – November 2021

Great sailing instruction and loads of fun!

David M – Day Skipper – November 2021

A completely unforgettable week, I can’t wait to come out again.

Derek M – Exclusive Family – Day Skipper & Competent Crew

Feel the wind around the islands!! Sail the Canaries!

Sophie – Competent Crew Plus – November 2021

A very fun and informative course with a fantastic adventure around the Canaries. The instructor Mark, made it fun and really stretched our abilities going above and beyond the course content. Friendly and professional. Highlights were delicious local dinners, afternoon snorkeling, beautiful night sail, anchor overnight, Atlantic sail and many laughs along the way.

Ross – Day Skipper – Family Exclusive – October 2021

Amazing experience with a great team!

Eamon – Day Skipper – October 2021

Really friendly service, great sailing area and great instructors – highly recommended!!

Kata – Day Skipper Plus – October 2021

We had a great week with perfect weather, extra knowledgeable Instructor! Amazing vacation, thank you!

Darren – Competent Crew – October 2021

10 out of 10!

Paul H- Competent Crew – October 2021

Plane sailing from booking to check in to check out. We’ll definitely be back for more!

Finn – Competent Crew – October 2021

Very welcoming and a great learning experience.

Andy H – Day Skipper – September 2021

Whether you’re learning to sail, improving your skills, or just out for enjoyment, there is no better place in the Canaries.

Danielle – Day Skipper Plus – September 2021

It was an amazing week! Thank you!

Gian – Day Skipper Plus – September 2021


Alasdair S – Day Skipper – September 2021

A super slick operation and fantastic experience. Every detail had been considered. I learnt a ton while always feeling safe and unpanicked, having fun at the same time.

Steve M – Skills – September 2021

Excellent training by professional Instructors and a great holiday.

Clive W – Skills – September 2021

There was no Angle of vanishing contentment with Jane!! I was very happy!

James S – Coastal Skipper – September 2021

Sail the Canaries provides a Wide Angle of contentment!!!

Fergus M – Day Skipper – September 2021

I am really happy to recommend Sail the Canaries and our Instructor Emma.

Clive W – Skills – September 2021

The mooring buoy is over there!

Michael W – Skills Week – September 2021

Brill, have been on previous Competent Crew and Day Skipper courses and learnt more this week than any previous courses.

Sara – Competent Crew – August 2021

I had an amazing week. Whatever your ability they will make the course fun for you.

Kate – Day Skipper – August 2021

Sail the Canaries are a very professional company, with so much attention to detail, ensuring that our stay and experience was everything and more than we could ask for, going over and above expectations – Thank you so much for making our holiday so special. x

Alexandra – Competent Crew – August 2021

If you want to sail – Come Here!!

Alan D – Day Skipper Practical – August 2021

Great school and lovely people with loads of experience to help me get through the syllabus and achieve Day Skipper. Them Sailors!!!

Hannah L – Skills – July 2021

Thank you for a wonderful week!

Adam B & Family – Competent Crew – June 2021

Thanks to everyone at Sail the Canaries (Emma, Alex & Clive) for a wonderful week – Excellent Instructions, a very well provisioned vessel and an all round good time! Best wishes from the Bouktila “Competent Crew”!

Rossann – Competent Crew – June 2021


Chris M – Competent Crew – June 2021

Professional and well experienced Instructor and very good communication during booking. Had the best time ever!

Dave L – Skills – June 2021

As always had a great time. Great to have Clive on board as Instructor and Mike and Lou were great to be with. So good to be looked after as only Alex & Clive can do. Many thanks for everything you both do to make our time on board so good.

Aude J – Day Skipper – June 2021

Very patient, professional and kind Professor. Excellent location for a mix between holidays and formation. See you soon!

Brice L – Coastal Skipper – June 2021

From booking to diploma I can’t remember a moment I was not happy with the service provided by “Sail the Canaries”

Chris – Competent Crew – April 2021

Slow is Pro!

Ibtissame – Day Skipper – April 2021

Intense but really trains you for real life sailing and autonomy! Slow is Pro, Less is more!!

Ursula – Skills – March 2021

Had a great time!

David A – Day Skipper Practical – March 2021

Thanks to Sail the Canaries & Stef, our Instructor, for a great week. Highly recommend for any budding sailors.

Martina – Competent Crew – March 2021

Chris also transmitted the passion, not only the technical skills! “Follow the passage until you can’t follow it!”

Jessica R – Competent Crew – January 2021

Just do it, you won’t regret it!

David S – Competent Crew – January 2021

The Instructors at Sail the Canaries made me feel very at ease throughout the week and I left the course with a good grasp of sailing as a whole and a lot of confidence.

Simona – December 2020

7 Weeks with Sail the Canaries. Started from zero and feeling like a hero (Well, long way to go!) Fantastic Instructors!! Mark is a star. Thank you for this last memorable week of sailing, will start this adventure all over again. Alex & Clive, thank you for all of your help and support, you will always be part of my dream!

Peter S – Day Skipper Practical – December 2020

If you can there, you won’t regret it!

Emily – Competent Crew – December 2020

Far, far better than anything you could expect.

Amir – Competent Crew – December 2020

Went from zero sailing experience to feeling like a competent man of the sea in a week, and had a great time doing it!

Kipp – Day Skipper – November 2020

Sail the Canaries were extraordinarily helpful from my initial enquiry through to the end of the course. I look forward to returning when I am ready to take the next level.

Christian K – Coastal Skipper – November 2020

Excellent Instructor – likes to teach.

Martin – Day Skipper Practical – November 2020

Everything was absolutely perfect!

Luke – Competent Crew – November 2020

Top job, would/will book again!

Gary – Competent Crew – November 2020

I had a great week, good instruction, friendly staff and great crew.

Junior – Coastal Skipper – November 2020

Super experience! Had an AMAZING week!!! Thanks.

Faye & Dan – Competent Crew – October 2020

A truly unforgettable week, made special by great tuition from Stef and an enjoyable voyage around these beautiful islands. We had never sailed before and now we have “the bug”! Thank you.

Giles – Day Skipper Practical – September 2020

Excellent teaching and great fun! The week flew by!

Karie C – Competent Crew – August 2020

Five Star Instructor, renamed Chris “Sensai”!

Jose – Two Day Theory & Day Skipper Practical – August 2020

I was very pleased I did the course with Sail the Canaries, as they are passionate about sailing and very responsible when it comes to complying with regulations and making sure candidates duly fulfill the course.

Ben C – Day Skipper Practical – August 2020

Great course, built my confidence immensely, would recommend to anyone.

Steve B – Competent Crew – August 2020

Well put together course, made even better by visiting other different islands and marinas.

David A – Day Skipper Practical – August 2020

Brilliant week. Great instructor. Loved going to the other ports.

Sean – Coastal Skipper – July 2020

Sail the Canaries – Bang Tidy!!

Emma – Day Skipper – July 2020

I cannot recommend Sail the Canaries highly enough! Informative, thorough and incredibly enjoyable!

Steve K – Family Exclusive Holiday – Competent Crew – August 2020

Great family holiday combined with learning to sail! Great balance between fun and learning.

Carrie S – Competent Crew – June 2020

Excellent teacher, amazing boat and ports! We can’t wait to be back for our Day Skipper course! Thanks Clive & Alex!

John F – Competent Crew – June 2020

Great boat, Great food, Great Instructor – Clive! Perfecto!!

Javier – Competent Crew – June 2020


Jayne F – Competent Crew – June 2020

A great week, great, boat, great Instructor – Thank you Clive for all of your encouraging words.

Brenda V- Competent Crew – June 2020

Enjoyed the whole experience from start to finish.

Nigel G – Day Skipper Plus – June 2020

Very enjoyable week refreshing my sailing skills in perfect sailing conditions, with excellent instruction. Very well organised and provisioned yacht.

Sean K – Competent Crew Plus – March 2020

Bottom line – Magnificent!

Hilary K – Sailing Skills – March 2020

Great week overall. My expectations were well exceeded.

Nicola – Coastal Skipper Practical – March 2020

Clive is a great teacher, full of tips and effective ways to convey not just how things are don, but also why. Sailing between Fuerteventura and Lanzarote is a lot of fun thanks to wind conditions and perfect temperature, and Alex was great at organising things!

Anna – Day Skipper Practical – March 2020

Enjoyed a week of sailing, learning and being with family! Best sailing school I’ve been to! Clive is a great Instructor : thorough, patient, kind and really cares to explain and that you understand. I learned a great deal this week and it feels like a whole new world of sailing opened up. Clive teaches really, really well. I enjoyed the course very much and appreciated all the little nice things you did: bringing fresh bread in the morning, the T-shirts, helping us book transfers, giving us enough privacy…..Thank you!

Vladimir – Day Skipper Practical – March 2020

Clive is the best I’ve seen!

KAren D – Competent Crew – February 2020

If you want to stay still, remember to have a “windy bottom”!!!

Lindsey T- Competent Crew – February 2020

Fabulous experience from start to finish – great company!

Lisa B – Day Skipper – February 2020

Great experience!

Mark B – Day Skipper – February 2020

Had an excellent week doing the Day Skipper course – highly recommend Sail the Canaries

Michael S – Day Skipper – February 2020

So instructive – so entertaining. We learnt so much and had so much fun.

Claudio M – Day Skipper – February 2020

The very best sailing experience you can possibly get!

Fiona S – Day Skipper – February 2020

I have spent an amazing week! Jane was a fabulous Instructor – completely calm with a very simple way of explaining everything. No question was overlooked or dismissed and she dealt with every situation with total composure and professionalism. On top of that she was brilliant company, funny & kind. I will definitely be recommending Jane and Sail the Canaries to everyone! My booking experience with Alex was also first class – so professional and friendly.

Philip G – Day Skipper – February 2020

My Day Skipper experience with Sail the Canaries far exceeded expectations, made more enjoyable by weather.

Lucy H – Competent Crew – January 2020

We loved the course and our Instructor was patient, kind and knowledgeable. Bravo!

Jules M – Day Skipper – January 2020

We’ll be back!!!

Chris F – Day Skipper plus – January 2020

Staff very helpful. Lots of advice re skills/drills and useful pointers to remember why the action is needed.

Gary – Day Skipper Plus – January 2020

Clive’s patience is outstanding. HE’s a great teacher – very skilled & knowledgeable – what a great week!

Catherine P – Competent Crew Plus – January 2020

A great way to learn.

Richard – Competent Crew Refresher – January 2020

Excellent area to sail and top quality instruction from Chris.

Stuart G – Day Skipper – January 2020

An excellent weeks sailing.

Sam – Day Skipper / ICC – January 2020

First class tuition expertly given with a smile.

Ben H – Coastal Skipper – January 2020

Knowledge bombs galore! Clive proved that every day can be a school day!

Richard R – Competent Crew – January 2020

Fantastic attention to detail.

Claude – Day Skipper – January 2020

Sail the Canaries, Sail for great memories!

Wesley & Joyce – Day Skipper Practical – January 2020

Great experience! Good Instructors, lovely people! See you next time.

Greg S – Day Skipper – December 2019

Sail the Canaries offer an enjoyable and professional service from start to finish : Highly recommend!

Vicki L – Competent Crew – December 2019

My introduction to sailing has been absolutely amazing. The boat Veronica is spacious, with comfy beds and plenty of space to relax after sailing all day. My Competent Crew Instructor Mark was great. Really patient and made learning all the skills really fun. I will definitely be coming back to my next course.

Claire G – Day Skipper Plus – December 2019

Fantastic as always, see you again for Coastal Skipper.

Felix – Day Skipper – December 2019

Amazing Instructor, wonderful conditions for sailing and learning.

Steve – Skills Week – December 2019

yest again an amazing week of sailing with a great Instructor!

Martin – Competent Crew – December 2019

Ticks all the boxes and a little more!

Liz – Competent Crew – December 2019

Excellent course, boat very good, syllabus comprehensive. A great place to learn to sail.

Elise – Competent Crew – December 2019

Great intro to sailing.

Pete – Competent Crew – December 2019

A great place to learn to sail.

Nick – Competent Crew – November 2019

A superb experience and a must if you need to learn the basics.

Jo – Competent Crew – November 2019

Brilliant! I’ve had a great time considering I had no knowledge of boats! Really jolly time!

Clive W – Sailing Skills – November 2019

Fantastic!!! Thank you!

Paul G – Day Skipper – November 2019

A great sailing experience with friendly and efficient staff, on an excellent and comfortable boat with first instruction throughout. We had a great week overall starting with our welcome evening prior to the course and this continued through the whole week. Our boat was very well-equipped and appointed and the food and drink provided plentiful. Our Instructor Mark was excellent throughout, very knowledgeable and yet also very welcoming and friendly, he certainly taught us a great deal, plus we had some good fun and meals out as well as the excellent sailing experience. Well done everyone at Sail the Canaries for a great week!

Reeanne – Day Skipper – November 2019

Very helpful for booking. Really enjoyed the week, Tim is very helpful and patient – thanks.

Maarten – Day Skipper Practical – November 2019

Brilliant Instructor and course! Very happy!

Chris – Competent Crew Family Holiday – October 2019

I am a total novice to sailing and had no real interest in the subject, having just come along with the family. However, our Instructor ensured that I was involved and engaged through the course leaving me enthused.

Jason, Heidi & Will – Competent Crew Family Holiday – October 2019

If you are thinking of doing a Competent Crew course then Sail the Canaries is a very professional outfit with a very personal touch.

Rod O – Day Skipper Practical – September 2019

Excellent, very knowledgeable Instructor with an easy to understand delivery. Also a very nice person.

David F – Day Skipper – September 2019

Clive is the Yachtmaster’s Yachtmaster!

Jonny – Day Skipper – September 2019

Fantastic experience and lots of fun! Clive is very patient and Alex very helpful when booking.

Laura – Competent Crew – September 2019

Sail the Canaries was a brilliant experience. I feel ready to sail and really enjoyed the experience. Tim was an excellent (& patient) Instructor – the lunch time swim was great!

Steve – Competent Crew – September 2019

Brilliant experience that caters for all age groups.

Eddie – Competent Crew – September 2019

Really enjoyable course, ticked all of the boxes. Instructor was very knowledgeable and always keen to explain and demonstrate.

Indro – Competent Crew – August 2019

Fantastic People! Fantastic places! Fantastic sailing!

Richard – Competent Crew – July 2019

Spent a great week with the family learning lots about sailing and having fun in a safe environment. Clive managed to get the best out of you and was a calming influence when the unexpected happened. Gave you confidence to acheive.

Mairi – Competent Crew – July 2019

Fun, friendly sailing at a fantastic sailing venue. Good winds, sunshine and an excellent Instructor – we will be back!

Jodie – Two Day Theory Refresher & Day Skipper Practical Refresher – July 2019

Alex & Clive run a great school and go above and beyond to ensure you feel comfortable and valued as a client all while delivering a professional experience, based on increasing knowledge and confidence in a safe and fun environment.

Miguel – Competent Crew – July 2019

Nice yacht, superb Skipper, loads of sailing, no BS!

Louise S – Competent Crew – July 2019

Fantastic experience!

Shaun C – Competent Crew – July 2019

Professional, fun, safe and informative. Why doesn’t everyone want to sail?!?!?!?

Anne E – Competent Crew Family Sailing Holiday – July 2019

Fantastic experience, great Skipper and a brilliant way to learn, Sun, Sea & Sailing!

John R – Day Skipper Practical – June 2019

A great week – hard work but very enjoyable.

Sarah A – Day Skipper Practical – June 2019

Perfect balance of learning on the job and downtime in a fabulous location.

Clare R – Day Skipper Practical – June 2019

A great experience – excellent instruction, great accommodation and all very well organised – thank you!

Clare M – Competent Crew – June 2019

Bob (Man overboard) survived!!!

Duncan M – Day Skipper Practical – June 2019

Change the tacking command to “Tacho”!! We felt sorry for Bob (the MOB!)

Phil T – Competent Crew – June 2019

Thrown in at the deep end…….and I swam!!! Great fun!

Helen D – Day Skipper Practical – June 2019

Alex and Clive go the extra mile to make your experience the best possible.

Andy H – Coastal Skipper – June 2019

Of all the sailing training I have received to date, this stands out for the care taken to ensure I learned what I needed to know.

Andy – Coastal Skipper – June 2019

Great weather, skilled and calm Instructor, great experience all round.

Colin – Day Skipper Practical – June 2019

Great learning week with great instruction “crew” friendly and willing to ” get stuck in”!

Debbie – Coastal Skipper Refresher – June 2019

Great, easy to understand, top tips given that will be remembered.

Martin – Competent Crew – May 2019

Exceptional preparation, teaching, encouragement, analysis and lunch!

John – Competent Crew – June 2019

I don’t have the words to describe the positive feeling after achieving a lifetime bucket list tick.

Deb – Competent Crew – June 2019

Far outweighed my expectations, it was a brilliant week.

Samantha – Competent Crew – June 2019

The course was everything I had hoped for and more. Our Instructor Richard was patient and really knowledgeable. It was a fun-packed and educational week. I am thrilled!

Clare G – Day Skipper Practical – May 2019

Amazing from start to finish – get’s better on every visit!

Jean S – Competent Crew – May 2019

Hard work but the best fun!

Brooke – Competent Crew – May 2019

A fantastic experience from start to finish! I was a little nervous at first but Mark was great, putting me at ease and giving me the confidence to not only know but enjoy sailing!

Olly H – Competent Crew – May 2019

A fantastic experience, Mark has given me the confidence to jump on a boat and know what to do!

John H – Competent Crew – May 2019

Mark went the extra mile to make sure we had a fantastic experience.

Sally H – Competent Crew – May 2019

Simply fabulous – great experience. Instructor (Mark) excellent and very confidence boosting! Learnt loads. I am a sailing convert!!

Richard L – Skills Week – May 2019

Professional & pragmatic instruction with wit & humour.

Colin – Competent Crew – May 2019

Wonderful week!

Majella O – Competent Crew – April 2019

Expectations exceeded, a nervous sailor made to feel comfortable and plenty of knowledge gained.

Sean S – Day Skipper – April 2019

A fantastic week of sailing instruction. A most enjoyable learning experience.

Stuart L – Day Skipper Practical – March 2019

Amazing week with a great crew, fantastic instruction and organisation. Learnt loads, laughed a lot and had a wonderful time.

Chris B – Competent Crew – March 2019

A very professional, efficient and well run school and excellent value for money.

Clive W – Sailing Experience – March 2019

I have been here for 7 weeks, actions speak louder than words.

Andy C – Sailing Experience – March 2019

Instructor worked very hard to help and include everyone and was a cheerful Chappie!

Ian F – Day Skipper Theory & Practical – February 2019

Alex & Clive are the best. Professional and fun.

Jamie – Day Skipper – February 2019

Great week, Great Instructor! Many thanks.

Anne G – Day Skipper Practical – February 2019

First revision in 14 years. Everyone should undertake similar every few years!

Claire G – Competent Crew – December 2018

Amazing experience from start to finish!

Andrew B – Coastal Skipper Plus – December 2018

Hope to see you again soon!

Anninna – Competent Crew – December 2018

Went without a hitch!!

Dermot M – Skills Building – December 2018

Learnt lots and lots more to learn!

Jackie C – Day Skipper – December 2018

Super sailing made easy.

Richard P – Coastal Skipper – November 2018

There is no better way or for greater value, to spend a week in the sunshine, learning how to sail from experts.

Clive W – Skills Building – November 2018

Sail the Canaries have played an important part in Captain Calamities five year Yachtmaster Fast Track programme!

Tony H – Coastal Skipper – November 2018

Had a great week, good Instructor and Crew, had lots of fun too! Only down side is that the week went too quick!

Peter B – Day Skipper – November 2018

Not just sail training but a holiday too!

Anne F – Day Skipper Practical – October 2018

What a great week!

Carole W – Competent Crew – October 2018

As a complete novice sailor, I had 100% confidence in my Instructor!

Karen M – Coastal Skipper – October 2018

If you think your sailing knowledge has plateaued then book a course with Sail the Canaries, your sailing will move to the next level.

Hayley H – Day Skipper Practical – October 2018

If you want to learn to sail and have a great time doing so, book with Sail the Canaries. It has been a great experience and I have learnt so much.

Bridget P – Day Skipper Practical – October 2018

Personal attention, Professional, Confidence building. Social learning by relaxing fun.

Clive W – Just Sailing – Exclusive Use

Jane sailed us around with aplomb! Seriously, she is the Best.

Brian H – Just Sailing!

University of Sailing!

Henry – Day Skipper Practical – September 2018

I was given the tools to do the job safely and with enjoyment, moreover, I was inspired to take my sailing to another level.

Martyn – Day Skipper Theory & Practical – August 2018

She’s sleek and fun and a little bit racey! You’ll love her, come and try!

Boyd Family Holiday – August 2018

If you want an RYA certification in the Canaries this company does what it says on the tin!

Chris- Competent Crew – Family Holiday – July 2018

Superb family holiday that keeps everyone active and involved.

Amie W – Competent Crew – Family Holiday – July 2018

One of the best holidays I’ve ever had!!!

Nora – Competent Crew – July 2018

I got a huge scare on a yacht last year but thanks to Roger’s excellent tutorage, I am feeling much more confident about getting back on a boat again.

Jane – Competent Crew – July 2018

Sailing made simple!

Matt L – Day Skipper Practical – July 2018

Brilliant instruction and first class people! If Carlsberg did sailing schools!!

Greg – Day Skipper – Family holiday – July 2018

All the family said it was the best experience they ever had. Roger was a brilliant Instructor and we had a good balance of learning and fun.

James – Competent Crew – July 2018

Roger is a great bloke!

Anne & Hannah – Competent Crew – Family holiday – July 2018

Come Sail Away!

Paul – Skills – June 2018

Good service by friendly staff.

Ed – Day Skipper – June 2018

The time on the boat was perfect and fun. The time away from the boat was also fantastic, so it felt like a holiday as well as a course.

Jessica – Day Skipper – June 2018

We’ll be sliding in a cheeky little tack……….Lee Hoooooo!

Clear, patient instruction and lots of fun too!

David – Day Skipper – June 2018

We had an excellent experience with Sail the Canaries, from start to finish. A big thank you to Roger for an amazing week.

James – Day Skipper – June 2018

Friendly, personable, welcoming & expert – great week! Thanks Sail the Canaries!

Adrian – Day Skipper – May 2018

We have had an excellent week. Johnny was great at building our confidence, focusing on what was needed, as well as being really relaxed and fun.

Paul R – Competent Crew – May 2018

Started off as crew mates, finished as life long friends.

Craig L – Competent Crew – May 2018

Even if you’re not thinking of progressing any RYA certification, it’s a great adventure and makes you safer on a yacht.

John L – Day Skipper Plus – April 2018

Very friendly, experienced, patient tutor.

Phil M – Day Skipper Plus – April 2018

I attended the Day Skipper Plus course and found it excellent for filling gaps and as a taster for Coastal Skipper, as many of those skills were practised.

Alan C-B – Competent Crew – April 2018

Great experience with expert, friendly instruction. Highly recommended.

Debbie B – Competent Crew – April 2018

From an anxious novice at the start of the week, my confidence grew over the week. Clive is an excellent Instructor who gives clear direction, instilling implicit trust. Thank you.

Isabel H – Competent Crew – Family Holiday – April 2018

Flappy sails are unhappy sails!!! It’s one of the best experiences! :o)

Charlie H – Competent Crew – Family Holiday – April 2018

Perfect family holiday! Thank you! :o)

Amber H – Competent Crew – April 2018

Fantastic family holiday.

Kevin H – Competent Crew – Family Holiday – April 2018

Great course for a active families that want to learn a great new skill.

Joanna – Competent Crew – March 2018

Thanks to you guys, I can now sail away from my problems instead of running from them.

Anna – Competent Crew – March 2018

Overcame fear of boats and can now make tea in extreme conditions!! Looking forward to sailing again – thank you!

Maria – Competent Crew – March 2018

Great course for family team building.

Pat C – Day Skipper – March 2018

We thought the dolphins were very good – quite happy actually! Very impressed at how they turned up on time!!!

Jane P – Skills – March 2018

Great instruction and Great service!

Ashley S – Day Skipper Practical – March 2018

Great tuition on a brilliant, well stocked, comfortable yacht. Far exceeded my expectations.

Nicola & Andrew – Exclusive Use – Competent Crew & Day Skipper Practical – February 2018

A truly bespoke week that accommodated all of our needs and an excellent introduction to sailing. I feel much more confident!

Alan – Competent Crew – February 2018

Blown away by the whole experience!

Glyn – Competent Crew – February 2018

The whole process from admin at the start to completion of the course was extremely well prepared and delivered. Clive has the knowledge of a professor and the patience of a Saint. He somehow managed to tailor the course and style to four quite different people, with different expectations, and make each one feel they got value and what they wanted.

Andrew H – Day Skipper Practical – February 2018

Lovely people and great sailing.

Stuart M – Day Skipper Plus – February 2018

Superbly capable and knowledgeable Instructor – worked us all to our individual capabilities. Thoroughly worthwhile and enjoyable week.

Phil – Competent Crew – February Half Term 2018

A fantastic family bonding experience. I would recommend the course to any family looking for adventure.

Lisa – Competent Crew – February Half Term 2018

A brilliant way for a family to be together and achieve together.

Stan – Competent Crew – February 2018

Did we like Captain Johnny?!?! Arrrrrpp!!!

Toby – Competent Crew – February 2018

Most exhilarating holiday ever and very welcoming.

John M – Day Skipper Plus – February 2018

First course where I actually learned to handle a boat.

Colin D – Competent Crew – February 2018

Really enjoyed this, I’m not lying, this was one of the best experiences of my life!

Agi – Day Skipper Practical – February 2018

My main aim was to build confidence to make independent decisions – mission accomplished!!! Thanks Johnny!

James A – Day Skipper Practical – January 2018

The whole week was just super. Clive imparts knowledge and explains everything so clearly! Just great! Thank you.

Graham R – Day Skipper Practical – January 2018

If you want to understand what you’re doing on a boat, spend a week with Sail the Canaries. Fantastic Instructors!

Mel – Competent Crew – January 2018

Wonderful time! Thank you!

Scott R – Day Skipper Practical – January 2018

I have left the course confident in my ability to handle a yacht as a Day Skipper, glad that I also had a good holiday and with a nice insight into what chartering a yacht is all about.

Michael – Day Skipper Plus – December 2017

Excellent week of sailing in the sun with professional and friendly Instructor. Roger is a real asset to Sail the Canaries. He has an excellent Instructional manner and created a relaxed but professional atmosphere which helped us all learn.

Iain – Day Skipper Practical – December 2017

Roger was a fantastic Instructor and the whole course was excellent. The boat was exceptionally clean and well maintained.

Lisa & Barry – Skills Week – November 2017

Our third course with Clive and as normal, a great course and great fun!

Josh – Day Skipper Practical – November 2017

My second course and just as great as the first! Would recommend to anyone, Clive’s instruction is second to none.

“Steve” (Richard!) – Day Skipper Practical – November 2017

Look at that container Lorry over there!!!!

Nigel T – Coastal Skipper Plus – November 2017

Pleasure to sail, our Instructor was fantastic, we will look to book again!

Mark G – Sailing Week – November 2017

Cool sailing in a warm location with friendly staff.

Paul C – Coastal Skipper Plus – November 2017

Fantastic weeks sailing with a great Instructor.

Carol, Richard & Elle – Competent Crew – October 2017

So friendly – we loved it! We will come again.

Andrew & Kath – Day Skipper & Competent Crew – October 2017

First rate tuition in an ideal location.

Tim – Coastal Skipper – October 2017

Great people, great sailing, look no further!

Michael – Competent Crew Plus – October 2017

Sail the Canaries is a really friendly, relaxed company, backed up by experienced, skilled sailing professionals.

Joby – Competent Crew – October 2017

If you are seeking a genuine crew sailing experience, look no further.

Alison W – Competent Crew – October 2017

I had no crewing experience at all and was very apprehensive before the courses started. I didn’t need to worry as the Instructor was excellent, the whole team at Sail at the Canaries were welcoming and my crew mates were good fun. I would recommend this course to anyone who wants to learn to sail and have fun at the same time.

Tim H – Day Skipper Practical – October 2017

Great people, great overall experience.

Jacqueline W-B – Competent Crew – October 2017

A great course- well balanced and adjusted to cater for all levels within the group.

Richard W-B – Day Skipper Practical -October 2017

Our course, instruction, boat and sailing exceeded my expectation in every way, we will be back.

George N – Day Skipper Practical – September 2017

Fantastic experience!

Gillian N – Competent Crew – September 2017

Thoroughly professional with a lot of fun thrown in!

Billy W – Competent Crew – August 2017

A totally different holiday experience! Massive thanks to everyone!

Matthew W – Competent Crew – August 2017

A great way to learn to be competent crew by living on the boat. Tutor was excellent.

Isaac – Competent Crew – August 2017

I didn’t even notice I was learning anything – I just had a great time and came home knowing how to sail!

Alison – Competent Crew – August 2017

I thoroughly enjoyed my weeks sailing. Johnny was an excellent and patient Instructor. Wonderful sailing conditions and the daily swim somewhere nice was a highlight, as was the night sail.

Martin – Day Skipper – August 2017

Great yacht, well experienced and fun skipper, absolutely magnificent week!!

Pamela – Competent Crew – August 2017

Excellent experience! Never been sailing before but now I will join my husband whilst he’s sailing!

Carlo M – Day Skipper Practical – August 2017

Perfect balance between learning and fun sailing.

Bhupi – Day Skipper Refresher – July 2017

Great sailing, great wind, great instruction.

Iris – Competent Crew – July 2017

“To me, that’s the front!!!!”….Just an overall excellent and fun experience.

Ian S – Day Skipper – July 2017

The Ocean sailing experience and you can tie-up at night for a good restaurant meal!

Elle – Day Skipper – July 2017

A fabulous week with some great people. I always felt totally safe.

Peter J – Competent Crew – July 2017

Johnny Dale!! Words fail me……but they would all be good!

John P – Skills Week – July 2017

Amazing week of sailing, learning and socialising.

Rob V – Competent Crew – July 2017

A fabulous way to learn whilst enjoying the sailing experience.

Colin A – Day Skipper – June 2017

Literally the best sailing experience and training in the Canary Islands.

Steve M – Skills Week – June 2017

What a fantastic week with a great Instructor (Jane). This is my fourth week here and I’ll be back again for sure!

Olga – Competent Crew – June 2017

Thank you for such an amazing week. Learned loads and had a good laugh with Crew and Skipper! (Yeah baby!)

Reiko – Competent Crew – June 2017

The Best activity holiday course!

Nicola B – Competent Crew – May 2017

I thoroughly enjoyed my week with Sail the Canaries. As a nervous sailor, I felt very confident in my Instructors abilities and this encouraged me to have a go at things that I wouldn’t normally do.

Tim B – Coastal Skipper – May 2017

The week was everything I had hoped for and more. There can be no better place to learn.

Tony – Day Skipper – May 2017

We had a great time and loved every minute. I learnt a lot by putting the theory in to practise. I would recommend Sail the Canaries to anyone.

Richard – Day Skipper Plus – May 2017

I can’t imagine how the overall experience could be beaten/improved.

Janet – Day Skipper – May 2017

Learnt so much, excellent Instructor, lots of fun! A great experience all round – thoroughly recommend.

Will – Day Skipper Practical – May 2017

Our Instructor seemed to have infinite patience!

Jo – Day Skipper Practical – May 2017

Super trip. Fun and educational. Clive was extremely patient, knowledgeable and professional. Thank you!

Melanie – Competent Crew – April 2017

Very professional.

Philip – Competent Crew – April 2017

This is a very professional company.

Micahel Payne – Coastal Skipper – April 2017

Missing Veronica already!

Andrew J – Day Skipper – April 2017

From the start, you are treated like a friend by Alex & Clive. Your Instructor, Jane in our case, provides clear guidance in a calm and unhurried manner. If you are considering taking an RYA course, I would strongly recommend Sail the Canaries.

Louise J – Competent Crew – April 2017

A fabulous week for all our differing abilities. Jane encouraged all of us to find confidence on board with good humour and endless patience. Couldn’t recommend the week highly enough. Clive and Alex and their team made us feel in safe hands from the moment we booked.

Calum J – Competent Crew – April 2017

Allowed me to have fun, learn and sail the Canaries!

Natalie J – Competent Crew – April 2017

Great experience that can be as intensive / relaxed as you want. Influenced me to join the sailing club at Uni to further my experience.

Gary M – Competent Crew Plus – April 2017

Extremely professional company. We highly recommend!

Joe M – Competent Crew Plus – April 2017

Really enjoyable for the whole week. I couldn’t fault it!

Jane M – Competent Crew Plus – April 2017

Amazing week on a beautiful boat. Alex couldn’t do more for us. Highly recommend.

David – Day Skipper Practical – March 2017

Both spontaneous and well thought through decision!

Lilia – Competent Crew – March 2017

The course was amazing. Didn’t know anything about boats before and now I can be crew on one! The personal approach was great. Food & Drinks on board were great! Thanks for meeting us for drinks on the first and last days and helping me arrange transport! I don’t want to go home!

Graham – Sailing Experience – March 2017

As an experienced Yachtsman, accompanying a relative novice, I was impressed with the professional attitude of our Skipper, Johnny Dale, who explained things before, during and after any event. Knowledgeable, informative and good natured, he made our six days spent sailing a pleasure and a joy. Normally sailing on the South Coast of England – cold, wet and arduous – the Canaries is warm, dry and relatively predictable and that’s in February! Flights are cheap and the course costs no more. The vessel is well equipped, provisioned and skippered, this is how to learn a skill or expand on your knowledge of sailing, while enjoying yourself!

Visiting several marinas and learning lots of skills makes a very satisfying holiday. Paperwork and arrangements are kept to a pleasurable minimum and handled very efficiently by Alex.

Johnny also has amazing hidden talents you couldn’t guess at, but you only find out about, if you book the course!

Our yacht Veronica, is a safe, responsive and sturdy yacht with all of the comforts. As a private individual I would not hesitate to recommend Sail the Canaries. Thank you.

Geoff – Competent Crew – March 2017

We laughed a lot!

Conrad – Day Skipper Theory & Practical – March 2017

Great sailing, great teaching, great experience.

Gaynor – Day Skipper Theory & Practical March 2017

It was an unforgettable experience. We had some fabulous sailing, great company and lots of laughs. We even saw dolphins!

Sara S – Competent Crew Family Holiday – February 2017

This has been the best sailing experience we have ever had. Clive has an amazing ability to teach adults and children while all the time making it fun and relevant. We have all learnt so much this week – thank you!

Alyn J – Coastal Skipper – January 2017

Outstanding tuition in a very friendly environment – will definitely come again.

Mark J – Day Skipper – January 2017

Great week!

Phil R – Coastal Skipper – January 2017

Johnny is awesome!

James L – Day Skipper Plus – January 2017

Johnny was a great Skipper/Entertainer with good banter and would win any Rod Stewart lookalike competition!

Richard P – Competent Crew – February 2017

Brilliant organisation of course, boat & activities.

Brian F – Day Skipper Theory & Practical – January 2017

Great sailing, nice people.

Mark C – Day Skipper – January 2017

Great week!!

Bish – Coastal Skipper Practical – December 2016

The course was totally great and exactly met my expectations. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Sail the Canaries.

Danielle C – Competent Crew – December 2016

From start to finish my experience with Sail the Canaries was amazing. Alex went above and beyond to arrange my transport from the airport after being completely unorganised and only giving her a few hours notice! Clive was an amazing teaching, easy to understand and was happy to sit down and go over anything and answer any questions. Overall I thoroughly enjoyed my experience with them and would definitely recommend them to a friend!

Chris J – Coastal Skipper Practical – December 2016

The high standards I expected were exceeded in every area.

Nick – Competent Crew – December 2016

You’re never too old to try this!!

Alexandra – Coastal Skipper – December 2016

Brilliant experience, great fun, Instructor was excellent.

Ross – Competent Crew – December 2016

Do it! It’s amazing!

Alex K – Day Skipper Practical – December 2016

Without doubt one of the best organised and enjoyable practical courses I’ve attended, Clive & Alex made sure all bases were covered from the start to finish and Johnny has to be one of the best Instructors I’ve had, let alone for the sailing! If you’re considering a sailing course, particularly mid-December – look no further.

Chris S – Day Skipper Practical – December 2016

A fatnastic week, one of the best balances between fun and instruction that you will find. The weather, the location and the Skipper were all amazing.

Annabel – Day Skipper Plus – November 2016

Brilliant sailing, great skipper and really fun people.

Aisling – Day Skipper – November 2016

The most fun you can have with your clothes on!

Asa – Day Skipper Plus – November 2016

Johnny was a perfect Skipper for training – relaxed, professional, informative and entertaining.

Steve – Coastal Skipper – November 2016

It was my third week here sailing with Sail the Canaries and I’ll definitely be back!!

Aileen – Skills – November 2016

Just brill! Had a great time and learned as well.

Graeme – Competent Crew – November 2016

A great experience, we learned a huge amount and had a great holiday.

Aileen – Competent Crew – November 2016

All round great course, fun, informative sailing in a safe environment with the sun!

Jenny – Yachtmaster Skills – October 2016

Brilliantly relaxed instruction and holiday on a well provisioned, dry & comfortable boat.

Nat – Competent Crew – October 2016

Johnny Dale Rocks!!!!

Max, Simon, Georgina, Libby & Euan – Family Holiday – Competent Crew – October 2016

Fantastic! Already booked a return next Spring!

Josh & Family – Competent Crew – October 2016

I had a great time, learned lots and did a lot of fun things!

Sue – Competent Crew – October 2016

Excellent learning experience – professional yet fun.

Carol – Competent Crew – October 2016

We arrived totally unsure what to expect and with no knowledge – we leave full of enjoyment learning and desire to continue sailing. Thank you to Johnny for making this such a skilled based but brilliant fun week. Thanks Captain!

Rachel – Competent Crew – October 2016

Johnny was fantastic and made learning fun & easy. It has been a great holiday and learning experience.

Alan C – Day Skipper Practical – September 2016

Good weather, good sailing, learnt a lot in a friendly way.

Mike C – Day Skipper Practical – September 2016

Good fun & Lots of action! Very friendly & helpful.

Vlad & Olena – Day Skipper – September 2016

Exceptional course, fantastically run by wonderful people.

Conny – Day Skipper Plus – September 2016

Yacht extremely & lovingly equipped together with thoughtful & tasty vitualling!

Brian – Day Skipper – August 2016

Superb sunshine sailing.

Stewart – Competent Crew – August 2016

Great fun from start to finish. Very enjoyable and really informative, great boat and instructor – fabulous weather throughout – hope to be here again soon!

Grace – Competent Crew – August 2016

Sail the Canaries with Clive!

Harry – Competent Crew – August 2016

Sail the Canaries, it is great fun!

Amanda – Competent Crew – August 2016

Took away many fears. Clive extremely calm and very patient with us all.

Martin & Bethan – Two Week Day Skipper Theory & Practical Exclusive – July 2016

With Sail the Canaries we have had the best of both worlds, combining a holiday with two weeks of high quality instruction from Johnny and Jane. Being just the two of us, we had the flexibility to mix theory with practice – a combination that proved successful!! Thank you!

Patrick – Day Skipper Practical – June 2016

Excellent, confidence inspiring tuition in beautiful surroundings.

Denis – Coastal Skipper – June 2016

Just great fun to learn to sail!

Neb – Competent Crew – June 2016

“I will make you confident by the end of the week!”……and you DID!!! Thanks!

Martin – Coastal Skipper – June 2016

Absolutely spot on!!!

Ewan – Day Skipper – June 2016

Exceptional weather, crew & instructor.

John P – Day Skipper – May 2016

An amazing experience – great conditions, instruction and perfect sailing.

Mo – Coastal Skipper – May 2016

First class tuition and fun!

Steph – Coastal Skipper – May 2016

Really good conditions, boat, instruction and marinas. Lovely week!

Neil – Day Skipper Theory & Practical – May 2016

Exceptional, clear, rapid provision of a sailing learning curve for all abilities.

Kerry – Competent Crew – May 2016

Fun, Sun and sailing……..Awesome!!!

Frank – ICC – April 2016

A serious course made great fun.

Jane & Rob C – Competent Crew & Day Skipper Practical – April 2016

Great all round experience!

Maddie – Competent Crew – Family Holiday – April 2016

I had the best bubblegum ice cream!!! :o)

Louise G – Day Skipper & Exclusive Family Holiday – April 2016

Sailing in the windy Canaries is not for the feint hearted! However, the professionalism & competence of the Sail the Canaries team make accomplishing successful sailing goals achievable. Thank you to Alex & Clive but a massive thank you to Jane for a fun, informative week.

Jon – Day Skipper Practical – March 2016

Outstanding instruction and amazing sailing gave us a great week of learning and fun.

Pete S – Day Skipper Practical – March 2015

Enjoy yourself and learn!

Andy G – Day Skipper Practical – March 2016

Friendly team, very welcoming, professional and supportive.

Dave – Skills Week – March 2016

Always a great experience!

Jane – Day Skipper Plus – March 2016

First class all round, from the quality of instruction and level of customer care to the attention to every detail – Clive & Alex really care and strive to provide the best.

Dawn – Day Skipper Plus – March 2016

What an excellent week I’ve just had – learned SO much. All the equipment was in great condition and the environment provided awesome learning conditions in very challenging conditions. Fabbytastic!!!

Mike – Coastal Skipper – March 2016

Some Sailing Schools teach, Clive inspires.

Roger – Coastal Skipper – February 2016

Sail the Canaries ironed out a lot of bad habits and taught me a lot of new skills.

Ursula – Day Skipper Plus – February 2016

If you want informative instruction mixed with fun, choose this very professional company.

Dorothy – Day Skipper – February 2016

Sail the Canaries, the wind, yes it varies, but you’ll have no cares, for your course in the Canaries!

Jonathan – Coastal Skipper – February 2016

A wonderful, professionally taught learning curve, that allows achievement beyond aspirations.

Peter S – Day Skipper Practical – February 2016

Perfect tuition in perfect weather.

Roger M – Skills Week – February 2016

Excellent instruction in a really fun atmosphere……I learnt so much!!

Louis – Coastal Skipper Practical – January 2016

Great course, Top Instructors, relaxed and friendly atmosphere – Super!!!

Lorna C – Day Skipper Practical – January 2016

Sunny, Windy and a team full of smiles….! Hard to beat!

Louis – Competent Crew – January 2016

Really enjoyable course, the yacht is super comfortable and the Instructor taught every one of us to the level we were. Great!

Fiona & John – Competent Crew & Day Skipper Practical – December 2015

We learned so much about sailing and combined with the fantastic weather in the Canaries, it gave us a superb winter holiday.

Caroline & Graham – Day Skipper Practical – December 2015

Excellent conveyed tuition with some light-hearted humour but with 100% professionalism. Would thoroughly recommend this school for all ages and abilities.

Eleanor – Competent Crew – December 2015

The instruction was excellent, very calm and patient.

Richard G – Competent Crew – December 2015

An Excellent way to learn to sail.

Onur – Day Skipper Refresher – December 2015

Clive is the Buddha of Instructors and Alex is a logistics genius.

Mike – Day Skipper Refresher – December 2015

My second visit to Sail the Canaries. A pleasure to sail with an Instructor who really loves teaching. Always good humoured and patient.

Ralph – Day Skipper Refresher – December 2015

I felt so relaxed I could have fallen asleep when sailing!!!!

Russell – Competent Crew – November 2015

Excellent Course given in a calm and friendly manner. Good fun!

Robin – Day Skipper Plus – November 2015

From the initial contact to the end of the course Sail the Canaries met and exceeded expectations.

Pat – Day Skipper – October 2015

A thoroughly enjoyable week, able to learn new skills.

Martin B – Coastal Skipper Practical – October 2015

Clive and Alex ran a very professional well balance, but challenging and fun course that got the best out of me. They could not have done more to make our week so enjoyable.

Jackie B – Day Skipper Practical – October 2015

Clive’s clear and patient manner was key to making me feel comfortable with the course at all times. I have learnt so much over the week.

Ian N – Day Skipper Practical – October 2015

Very friendly and professional

Lynette – Day Skipper Practical – September 2015

Excellent course delivered with humour and commitment.

Shauna – Competent Crew – September 2015

Awesome course, really informative and really good fun too!

Andrew – Coastal Skipper – September 2015

Excellent fun, Excellent Tuition, Excellent Company!

Anthony – Day Skipper Practical – August 2015

Alex, Clive & Ben were brilliant. The course was even better than expected. Clive balanced an unbalance group perfectly.

Sue – Day Skipper Practical – August 2015

Brilliant course, exceeded all my expectations, due to the friendliness of Alex, Clive & Ben and the expert tuition of Clive.

Lucy – Day Skipper Practical – August 2015

Highly recommend to anyone wanting to take their Day Skipper in the sun! Fantastic tuition, great food, comfortable boat. Many thanks.

Sehnaz – Competent Crew – August 2015

I’ve had an amazing time during my Competent Crew course. Clive is a very good instructor – very patient & professional and Alex is so supportive in every phase.

Bin – Competent Crew – August 2015

Great course, amazing environment, dedicated instruction.

Michala & Nigel – Day Skipper Practical – August 2015

Thank you both for a brilliant week! Great sailing, great instruction, great company and great weather!

Andy – Day Skipper Practical – July 2015

Excellent course that exceeded expectations. Great boat to learn on and excellent tuition.

Jennifer – Day Skipper Practical – July 2015

Excellent service from start to finish. At the beginning of the week I was a very nervous sailor. Throughout the course, Clive instilled the confidence and direction that allowed me to progress, obtain my Day Skipper certification and above all, learn to love sailing again.

Michelle C – Yachtmaster Theory & Coastal Skipper Practical – July 2015

Very knowledgeable Instructors. My Instructor Jane in particular was incredible and went above and beyond to help me achieve my goals in terms of theory. I feel very fortunate to have come to Sail the Canaries and had her as an Instructor.

Maureen M – Day Skipper Practical – June 2015

Happy to be back Sailing in the Canaries! Sunshine, great atmosphere, excellent service – the perfect holiday!

Dermot – Coastal Skipper Skills Week – May 2015

Thanks for a wonderful week. Beautiful well found boat whose owners obviously take pride in. Excellent instruction and well structured tuition. Ticks all the boxes!

Mary – Day Skipper – May 2015

Sail the Canaries and feel the wind grove and lift!

Ian – Competent Crew – April 2015

From the moment I contacted Sail the Canaries I felt supported all the way. The experience exceeded all of my expectations.

Kate – Competent Crew Plus – April 2015

An incredible experience, learnt lots and had loads of fun!

Jack – Family Exclusive – March 2015

First class holiday – great balance between sailing instruction and general enjoyment for all the family.

Chris M – Day Skipper – March 2015

Brilliant company, Great sailing location – Will come back!

Ann & Nick – Two Week Exclusive Day Skipper – March 2015

Alex, Clive and Johnny are an excellent team. From booking to training, nothing is too much trouble and they make your experience extremely positive. Thank you. Clive is a patient, knowledgeable trainer and we would recommend him to anyone. This is THE place to learn to sail.

Ruth – Family Holiday – February 2015

Immaculately equipped and provisioned boat, brilliant Skipper/Instructor and fun sailing in challenging weather. The small size of the organisation enables them to give a personalised service – superb!

Mike B – Skills week – February 2015

Excellent week! Very well organised and professional. The pre-arrival information from Alex was helpful and spot on. The boat was immaculate and well provisioned. Clive is an excellent and patient Instructor. We had an unusual week with very little wind for part of it but Clive still managed to make these very productive and useful days. The sailing area is great, with excellent marinas and good restaurants for the evenings. Highly recommended.

Matt – Day Skipper Theory & Practical – January 2015

Very good instruction. Clive knew a lot and was a fantastic teacher.

Keith – ICC – January 2015

Fabulous course with a great Instructor!

Kais – Competent Crew – January 2015

Great for a novice sailor to gain skills, experience and confidence.

Steve B – Day Skipper – December 2014

If you want to learn to sail, this is the place to come.

Liz S – Sailing Experience – December 2014

Jane was an exceptional skipper providing clear and concise instruction in a very friendly manner. A fantastic learning week afloat.

Dermot – Sailing Experience – December 2014

At Sail the Canaries you are sure of excellent tuition and sailing to boot!!

Carole D – December 2014 – Competent Crew

Sailing equivalent to the “University of the Third Age” – on water!

Pete C – Coastal Skipper Plus – December 2014

Professional instruction with a good balance of humour and fun!

Machiel – Competent Crew – December 2014

Don’t stop sailing!!!

Lisa M – Competent Crew – December 2014

Brilliant!! Very pleased to have chosen STC! Alex & Clive are very informative and incredibly welcoming. A genuine company! Fantastic instruction from Johnny who clearly has a wealth of experience, which is combined with excellent teaching abilities to build confidence and knowledge. Plus, lots of fun!! Would definitely recommend STC!

Stephen C – Day Skipper Theory & Practical – November 2014

Sail the Canaries is a perfect mix of family business and professionalism. Their aim is to ensure that you have the required knowledge and ability to pass your course and go above and beyond what is required by the syllabus and RYA. I would thoroughly recommend this school to anyone wanting to do an RYA Yachting course.

Madeleine – October 2014

Thought service at all stages was good, friendly and organised. Liked the small operation. Felt safe in the Instructors hands at all times.

Bill – November 2014

Great week. Thoroughly enjoyed it. Learnt loads too!

Mary – November 2014

Enjoy learning to sail in the warm in Winter! Nothing too much trouble for Alex.

Maz – November 2014

A fun way to develop skills in the predictable winds of the Canaries.

Antony – November 2014

Challenging, fun and safe with an excellent balance of sail training and fun.

Hannah – November 2014

Great sailing in the sunshine. Perfect conditions for my Day Skipper.

Craig – October 2014

Tip-top instruction. Consistent focus on getting all the little details of the holiday just right. A great family holiday.

Wendy – October 2014

Very professional in an informal environment. Extremely friendly and accommodating – can’t wait to visit again. Would definitely recommend Sail the Canaries!

Richard – October 2014

Clive teaches without you realising he’s teaching you, which is excellent, the sign of a good Instructor!

David – September 2014

Really, really excellent in all areas.

Tim – September 2014

From booking to finish, excellent! Wouldn’t hesitate to recommend . Instruction fantastic!

Joe – September 2014

Do this!!!!

Tony – September 2014

Friendly, family run company who offer help and good communication during the booking process and provide excellent instruction during the course.

James – August 2014

I really enjoyed the course. Johnny was both incredibly knowledgable and friendly, which was a perfect combination for teaching.

Letitia – August 2014

I’ve sailed with a lot of different sailing schools and in terms of the boat, instruction and overall experience, this is the best.

Josie – August 2014

If you have an interest in sailing DO this course! Meet great people, have loads of fun in a fantastic setting.

Giorgio – May 2014

Excellent course experience in a relaxed and fun RYA way, together with the best of wind environment.

Phoebe – July 2014

Leeeeeee-HO!!!!! What a fantastic week! I feel much more confident in my sailing skills and knowledge. Clive is a patient and clear instructor who is able to share his sailing knowledge in a fun way. I couldn’t have asked for more perfect weather or hilarious moments!

Freya – July 2014

We’ve had a brilliant week with STC – great sailing, great instruction, great weather and great company! I will be recommending it to all my friends.

Stephanie & Seamus – July 2014

I just wanted to write on behalf of Seamus and I to thank Sail the Canaries for a fantastic week away. We had a truly amazing time and learnt loads from Johnny. He managed to strike a fantastic balance of professionalism with fun and we even got to hear him sing! We will definitely use you guys again (hopefully next year) to further our qualifications. You will definitely receive our recommendation. Many thanks again.

Louise – June 2014

Best sailing I’ve ever done!

Ian – June 2014

It’s better than the Bahamas!!!

Tom – June 2014

Absolutely brilliant week! The instructor was top quality, the food was excellent! I would whole heartedly recommend Sail the Canaries to anyone who wants to learn to sail.

Gina – June 2014

I knew absolutely nothing about sailing before the course. I am amazed at how much I have learnt in a few days. Clive has the patience of a saint! I really enjoyed it and now feel that this is something I would do again.

Sean – June 2014

Brilliant way to spend a week with family or friends and a healthy holiday!

Mike – June 2014

Superb course, excellent informative informative instruction delivered in a relaxed manner. Booking, payment and pre-course admin very well handled – thank you.

Edina – June 2014

Great course, excellent Instructor. Very warm welcoming on arrival. Spent each day on a beautiful yacht and learned a lot about sailing.

Steve – May 2014

Johnny Dale is a great Instructor, a credit to Sail the Canaries! He really wants you to be a good boat handler and know the course booked theory. Well done!

Maureen – May 2014

Best holiday experience!

Denis – May 2014

Just do it!! It’s great fun!!

Dermot – April 2014

Sail the Canaries! It does exactly that!!!

Victoria – April 2014

I thoroughly enjoyed the two weeks spent on board Veronica. We were able to get our Day Skipper’s qualification, whilst the flexibility of the course and Instructor allowed us to relax and enjoy our holiday in the Canaries.

Jan – April 2014

Clive is very knowledgeable and a great Instructor. Veronica (yacht) is in an excellent condition. I would recommend Sail the Canaries to others. Thanks for a great week!

Jo – March 2014

Fantastic sailing and brilliant instruction.

Hugo – March 2014

Learning to sail with Clive Moreham is a demanding and thoroughly enjoyable experience. He is great company and a superb Instructor, giving one confidence and enthusiasm.

Robert – March 2014

Calm & Exhilarating! Great week all round!

Guy – March 2014

Clive & Alex created an experience that made learning to sail fun, easy and memorable. I’ll be back!!!

Mike – March 2014

Clive is a great teacher – well informed, friendly and unflappable! Great fun!

Julian – Leicestershire

I have attended a number of practical sailing courses taught by Clive or run under his supervision (RYA Day Skipper, RYA Coastal Skipper, mile-building and just relaxed sailing weeks), and where Alex has handled the business side of things.

Clive is a first class instructor – patient, knowledgeable and a good coach who knows how to get the best from his students. Alex is welcoming and efficient. Both of them are great fun when it comes to socialising ashore and make sure everyone gets included, even if they have come alone.

I cannot recommend them highly enough.

Tom, London

I went sailing for the first time with Clive and his team about 6 years ago and have returned every year since. He and Alex make the whole trip great fun which means that as well as sailing in good winds and sunshine ( that’s the whole point of going to the Canaries ) and getting excellent tuition it’s also a real holiday

Jules, Windsor

Clive’s laid back but thorough teaching style has given me incredible confidence and made me into a sailor I never thought I’d be.

As a teacher he has a great ability to quickly assess the strengths and weaknesses of his pupils and is therefore able to instruct a boat of mixed ability students without anyone feeling over stretched or under challenged.

I remember some years ago, going out in a particularly big sea with a little apprehension. Within an hour I was stood at the helm, waves crashing over the bow, looking like someone had thrown a bucket of water over me, happily ‘rescuing’ fenders! When Clive suggested we should head for home, I was having such a good time, I was disappointed!!

Denise, London

I have sailed with other schools and they were good, but none compare with the dedication and hard work that is obvious in every aspect of sailthecanaries. Alex and clive and their hand picked instructors deliver with charm and expertise every step of the way. An excellent school!!

Jane M, Edinburgh

Sail the canaries is one of those unique companies where you genuinely feel like part of the family. I will definitely be back!

Neil Hughes, London

I have sailed with Clive many times. What sticks in my mind, however, was the time I introduced my ‘new’ family – two indifferent teenagers and a very nervous wife – to sailing. Not only did Clive’s relaxed demeanour put them totally at ease, (our first outing was into a 25kt+ wind acceleration zone) his clear explanations of the physics and mechanics of a heeling deck, using the wind correctly and showing what happens if you just let go of everything, also made them feel safe by understanding what was happening. He also makes it fun – in the space of a few days he turned two very dis-interested youngsters into avid sailors who talked of nothing other than buying a boat and going for Day Skipper for weeks after our return.

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